It’s Ok to Ask for Help; We Need Each Other

we need each other

I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to ask for help. It can be scary to allow myself to be seen as vulnerable because then I judge myself as weak or incapable. There’s a part of me that wants to be seen as strong, as not needing others. In my journey of becoming a Messenger of Love (BAMOL), I know that we all need help sometimes. We need each other.

At the Dollar Store, I held the door for a woman using a walker. She apologized for needing help. I said that’s ok, everyone at some point in their life is dependent on the good will of others.

We need each other.

When my husband and I totaled our truck and camper hours from home, we were stranded. We relied on the kindness of strangers to help us find a dog-friendly hotel and a ride to the ER for an Xray.

We need each other.

A while back, my dog escaped the fenced yard and a passerby caught him and called the number on his tag. I was so thankful as our moderately busy street is unsafe for a loose dog.

We need each other.

Leaving Europe, when I arrived at the airport, I realized my bag was still 90 minutes away back at the bed & breakfast. A phone call set into motion a chain of people working together to reunite me with my bag—just in time for my flight.

We need each other.

My coworker had flown across state to take his qualifying exam to become a stockbroker- only to realize a required document lay on his desk at work. I drove it to the airport and prevailed upon a stranger to fly with it to the destination airport.

We need each other.

Once, when I was walking downtown feeling blue and overwhelmed with anguish, a woman smiled at me with love and kindness in her eyes. In that moment I no longer felt alone. I connected with my fellow human.

We need each other. Tweet: We need each other. #bamol @lizvioletnewell

During this season of change, let’s remember this. Let’s slow down and enjoy what really matters: connection with loved ones, family, and friends. Let’s take the time to give a genuine smile of greeting to strangers as well.

Always be ready to offer a helping hand. One day you may need one yourself. Tweet: Be ready to offer a helping hand. One day you may need one yourself. #bamol @lizvioletnewell

What can you do to help someone today? Or is it finally time for you to ask for the help you need? We can inspire each other when we share stories in the comments below or on the private Facebook group.

If this post inspired you, please share. Through you, this message has the potential to inspire so many others. Together we can BAMOL and light up the world with love and kindness.

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Liz Violet Newell has been inspiring, encouraging, advising, and supporting others through various business and volunteer positions since 1999. Her life story of continuous self-improvement serves as the foundation for her writing, and the motivation behind her desire to make a difference through love and kindness. Liz has overcome extreme shyness, childhood bullying, won a lifelong battle with overeating, and survived divorce. She is active in a vibrant and supportive community of empowered women, spiritual practitioners and avid writers.

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