Walking to my Joy


Walking to my joy

The more joy I have in my life the better I will be at becoming a Messenger of Love.

I have been spending some time lately noticing which activities add to my happiness…and which feel like a burden.

I became aware of my lack of joy just now as I was walking to a club meeting. I’d decided I should join this group because I think I can learn some leadership skills that will be helpful someday. Although I’ve attended several meetings, I have not yet become a member because my life feels so full.

In my mind, it seems a huge time commitment is required. I’ll be expected to participate. I can’t just sleepwalk through these get togethers. I’d have to be alert and on my toes for sure.

As I walked, I realized I thought attending this meeting was something I should be doing. I noticed that I’d brought along a notepad- but not to make notes about speechmaking. No, I figured during the slow or boring times I could make lists of things I needed to do for this website.

I could already feel myself wishing that the hour would pass quickly—and it hadn’t started yet! I stopped on the sidewalk.

If I’m not joining right away then why am I going?

If doing this does not bring me joy, why am I doing it? 

The truth is, I’d much rather be back at home working on my website. And so I turned around. As soon as I did I felt joy flood through me. Yep, I am now walking to my joy! I noticed my pace had quickened and there was a little bounce to my step.

These physical sensations confirmed for me that I chose the right path. I believe our bodies hold a lot of wisdom and we just need to tune in to take advantage of their good guidance.

The more joy you have in your life, the more you’ll be a joy to others. Tweet: The more joy you have in your life, the more you’ll be a joy to others. @lizvioletnewell http://ctt.ec/6de5r+

What can you do to walk toward your joy today? What can you eliminate in your life to make room for more joy? Please comment below and share this article with people who may find it helpful, interesting or inspiring. Thank you.

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Liz Violet Newell has been inspiring, encouraging, advising, and supporting others through various business and volunteer positions since 1999. Her life story of continuous self-improvement serves as the foundation for her writing, and the motivation behind her desire to make a difference through love and kindness.

Liz has overcome extreme shyness, childhood bullying, won a lifelong battle with overeating, and survived divorce. She is active in a vibrant and supportive community of empowered women, spiritual practitioners and avid writers.

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