How a Trucker Changed my Life

changed my life

A trucker changed my life, and I am not sure he even knows it.

I was in my twenties, and barreling down a country road in my sports car. I drove the hilly route every day and loved to push the car to the max on every curve and rise. As I sped up a hill, the driver of an 18-wheeler going the other way flashed his lights at me.

I almost didn’t heed his warning to slow down as I doubted there was anything to worry about.

But I did.

As I crested the hill –now going much slower– an Amish horse and buggy was directly in front of me. If I hadn’t hit the brakes earlier it would have been too late!

When I was able to safely pass, I noticed the wagon carried a young man, his wife and kids. I would have surely plowed right into them. If I’d survived, my life would be much changed knowing that I brought tragedy to an innocent family.

I wanted to turn around and go find that trucker and thank him. But of course, I would have had no way of flagging him down.

I remain forever grateful for his kindness. He made a difference in my life.

How you and I can make a difference

A few days ago I gave a presentation about life lessons and women’s empowerment at the UK campus. Before I began, I shared my story of surviving childhood bullying and learning to love myself. Each time I talk about my painful early years, I hope my words inspire others who may be going through tough times. At the end of my talk a young woman told me that she could relate to my story. Then she smiled.

And that’s enough for me.

All we can do in life is go out there and do our best to make a difference by helping others in any way we can. Each day we have many opportunities to be kind, from lending a helping hand, to holding an elevator, to sharing a warm smile.

No act of kindness is ever wasted. Tweet: No act of kindness is ever wasted. #BAMOL #kindness @lizvioletnewell

How have you benefited from the kindness of strangers? What can you do today to lift up others? Please share in the comments and join the conversation in the private Facebook group.

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Liz Violet Newell has been inspiring, encouraging, advising, and supporting others through various business and volunteer positions since 1999. Her life story of continuous self-improvement serves as the foundation for her writing, and the motivation behind her desire to make a difference through love and kindness. Liz has overcome extreme shyness, childhood bullying, won a lifelong battle with overeating, and survived divorce. She is active in a vibrant and supportive community of empowered women, spiritual practitioners and avid writers.


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