Three things you can do right now to survive the storm of negativity


Is it raining where you are? It is here. Much of my Facebook is raining with fear and anger—even hate. Since Becoming a Messenger of Love is about responding to anger, fear and hate with love and kindness, here’s how to cope– and even triumph.

What to do if you are overwhelmed by the hate and negativity around you:

  1. Come in out of the rain. You don’t have to stay on Facebook, take part in the break room conversations or talk politics with your neighbor. It may take a while for things to settle down after the shock of the election wears off, so just wait it out.
  1. Dry off and regenerate. Read inspirational writings, meditate, take a walk in the woods. Go to yoga class, church, synagogue or a spiritual center. Get a massage, take a nap. Do what you need to do to rest and refuel your positive energy.
  1. Grab your umbrella and raincoat. When you go back outside, go with love in your heart to shield you from the rain. Martin Luther King said, “Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” Wear love as your protection and let it be your guide. Use it to inspire and connect with others.

What I am Doing to Cope, Survive, and Thrive:

As a Messenger of Love, I resolve to be the calm in the storm. As a force of good, I am committed to using love and kindness as a way to help others rise above.

In a time when so many are retreating to their own corners of fear and anger, I am going to go out in the world. I am committed to shining my light of love wherever I go. I will smile, talk, and converse with strangers– especially those who do not look like me. Through connecting with those are outwardly different than me, I am sending the message that they are safe. My mission is to love and accept everyone.Tweet: Let's love and accept everyone. #HealTheUS @lizvioletnewell

Love conquers all and love is the answer.Tweet: Love conquers all and love is the answer. #HealTheUS @lizvioletnewell

One person at a time I am creating a safe and loving world– because that’s the world that I want. Won’t you join me?

How can you be a beacon of love and light today?Tweet: How can you be a beacon of love and light today? #HealTheUS @lizvioletnewell

What’s one thing you can do to add more sunshine to your life and that of others? Comment below or join the private Facebook Group.

(Read my post-election article, How You and I Can Heal the Nation here.)

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