The Reason Why My Self Worth is Not Like the Stock Market

self worth

Today, someone flat out told my husband that she doesn’t like me.

It’s hard not to feel bad and sad about that, especially since I have reached out and tried to be friends with her.

And then I almost went there.

There being that cold dark place where I tell myself something is wrong with me. It’s there where I tell myself I am unlovable and seem destined to be rejected. There is that corner of anguish where I sit and go through the lifetime list of hurts.

There is the place where if someone doesn’t like me, then I feel less worthy.

But then I remembered a very important truth:

My self worth is not dependent on how many people like me. It is not like the stock market. Tweet: My self worth is not tied to how many people like me. #bamol @lizvioletnewell

If my self worth were like trading stocks, then it would go up and down based on how many people “buy” into me. The message would be: I am less lovable when less people love me.

But I know the truth. Just because someone chooses not to like or love me does not change my value. My opinion of myself is not dependent on anything or anyone outside of me. I am still awesome, amazing and a shining star no matter what.

My personal value should not go down when I lose a friend. And I truly don’t need the approval of someone else to realize my own worth.

My self worth is totally dependent on what I think of me

And, yes, even though it hurts that someone is choosing not to include me in her life, it doesn’t change who I am.

I am enough.

I am worthy.

I am lovable. Tweet: I am lovable. #selfworth #bamol @lizvioletnewell

How strong or how fragile is your self worth? Where in your life do you strive for the approval of others? Is there a certain person whom you “need” to like you? We can inspire each other when we share stories in the comments below or in the private Facebook group.

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