You can really save lives with a smile

save lives with a smile

Yes, you really can save a life with a smile!

A genuine smile with warmth and eye contact can change the world.Tweet: A genuine smile with warmth and eye contact can change the world. @lizvioletnewell

You just don’t realize how powerful you are! Here are some examples:

A smile can prevent suicide. Tweet: A smile can prevent suicide. @lizvioletnewell

A woman who killed herself had written in her diary the day she took her life that she would not go through with her plans if just one person would smile at her that day. I know that smiling at everyone won’t make suicide go away completely. Suicide is complicated by drugs, mental health, and a host of other issues. But just imagine a world where a lonely, depressed, isolated and suicidal individual is greeted by warm smiles everywhere he/she goes. Even if just one life were saved with a smile it would be worth it. (If someone you know is suicidal contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.) But here are several more examples:

A smile can reduce racially, ethnic and religious-based killings. A smile builds connection and can break down cultural and racial separation. At our heart we are all one and are all connected as living beings sharing space on this planet. Smiling and acknowledging people who are different from us creates a warm and welcoming environment one person at a time.

Your smile can ripple out and change lives.

A smile can prevent hate crimes and mass murders.Tweet: A smile can prevent hate crimes and mass murders. @lizvioletnewell

Angry isolated people make headlines all too frequently. Too often when someone is angry or rude to us we respond in kind. By responding to anger with anger we only create more anger. Love is the answer. The only way to combat hate is with love.

Imagine an angry white teenage boy (because all too often that is the stereotype) leaving his house with a gun in the trunk. He snarls at everyone he meets and even cuts people off in traffic. If everyone he came in contact with responded with love they would be de-escalating the situation instead of escalating it by reacting with even more anger. Let’s face it, someone who is angry is really someone who is injured and hurting inside. By showing him love and compassion as a group, all the strangers he comes into contact with on his way to school may have enough influence to diffuse his anger. (Read the story ow when I used the power of love to diffuse rage.)

A smile can save our own lives.Tweet: A smile can save our own lives. @lizvioletnewell

Smiling and sending genuine love, warmth and compassion out into the world is its own reward. By being loving we can’t help but feel better. If you are down you will find yourself lifted up. Already feeling good? Then you’ll feel even better sending out good vibes. (If you are feeling suicidal, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.)

Hey, I know it is SO easy to fight fire with fire and give it right back to someone who lashes out at us with no reason. However, if you think about it, responding to an angry person is a lose-lose situation and only makes the problem worse. Instead, decide you want to be a part of the solution.

I invite you to join me on my journey, Becoming a Messenger of Love.

What can you do today to turn a situation around? Please comment below and share this article with people who may find it helpful, interesting or inspiring. Thank you.

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