Are You in the River or on the Banks?

river of life

I feel I have stepped into this fast moving river and I am riding this wave of awesomeness and serendipity. At the same time, I can feel the pull of an opposing force.

There’s something on the riverbanks threatening to undo all my progress.

It’s the voice of fear that wants to reach in and pull me out of the water. It wants to set me down on firm ground, back where I came from. Fear wants to turn back the clock and un-ring the bell and basically have me the way I used to be.

For many people, staying on terra firma seems reasonable and logical–and even necessary for survival. Stay here with the others. Don’t even get your feet wet. Follow the tried and true. If you get in that river, you don’t know where it will take you. How will you eat? How will you pay the bills?

Dry land is safe and predictable. Remain with the others and stay close to the pack. Who are you to dare to even try to stay afloat in those swift moving waters?

You have to stay here. It’s unfair to the others if you prove that you can swim in the big currents. It will make them feel like cowards. They will feel “less than” or even like failures.

Because, yes, it takes courage to jump in the river and trust that you’ll keep your head above water. Some will see that bravery, that faith, that blind trust and become resentful. Come back here, they will say.

The river is calling me, you say. It is calling all of us. Tweet: The river is calling me. It's calling all of us. #BAMOL @lizvioletnewell

I can still hear the voice of fear, but the river is louder.

Don’t stay on the banks and let the river of life pass you by. Tweet: Don't stay on the banks and let the river of life pass you by. #BAMOL @lizvioletnewell

What scary thing can you do today that will lead to a more fulfilling tomorrow? How can you step into the river and live a life with purpose? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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