How One Person in the Audience Changed Everything

one person changed everything

I gave a reading the other day and I found myself nervous and distracted. I wanted the microphone to be closer to my chair and I worried the audience could not hear my words. Also, like many people, I get uncomfortable when speaking in public.

Then an interesting thing happened….

A woman in the third row met my eyes with a warm gaze and a steady smile. Each time I glanced up –there she was– sending calming and supportive vibes my way.

I found that smile very reassuring. It grounded me and gave me confidence. All it took was a warm gaze and a steady smile for me to conquer my fears and give a successful reading.

Isn’t it amazing how powerful one smile can be? Imagine my reaction had she scowled, looked concerned, or even bored. My performance may have gone downhill.

Instead, one woman’s smile brought out the best in me.

One Person Changed Everything.

She was able to manifest a positive event just by sending good vibes my way. It took just one person to change my outcome for the better. That’s pretty darn powerful.

The next day I had the chance to pay it forward when I watched a very nervous woman give a presentation. She acknowledged her terror of being in the spotlight and struggled initially with just getting the words out. It was heartening to witness the calming affect my smile had on her.

From now on, I plan to smile and gaze warmly to anyone giving a talk.

Do you know how powerful YOU are? Tweet: Do you know how powerful YOU are? #smile @lizvioletnewell

YOUR positive energy can bring out the best in others. Tweet: Your positive energy can bring out the best in others. #smile @lizvioletnewell

What if you smiled encouragingly at a person leading a meeting or giving a presentation?

How about giving a reassuring smile to someone new on the job or who is having a bad day?

Your smile is needed in this world. Tweet: Your smile is needed in this world. #smile @lizvioletnewell

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