What the Gal Wearing Boots and Tights Taught Me About Loving Myself

loving myself

Walking my dog this morning, I noticed a gal strolling along the sidewalk ahead of me. I didn’t think the color of her tights went with her boots. I also thought her wardrobe choice was less than flattering to her figure. My inner critic sometimes does this, giving silent commentary to those around me.

Then I realized that if I am to become a Messenger of Love (B.A.M.O.L.), then I have to stop being miss-know-it-all, even if only in my head.

Somehow I believed I had better fashion sense than that gal. Therefore I must be telling myself I am superior to her in this way. By judging people I am building a barrier.

Whenever I criticize someone –even silently– I am creating a separation. My thoughts deny the truth: We are equal. We are One. Tweet: We are equal. We are one. #BAMOL @lizvioletnewell http://ctt.ec/Ye5i3+

In order to B.A.M.O.L. and send love and kindness out in the world, I have to learn to love and accept everyone as equals. I can’t walk the talk with sincerity if I am the fashion police.

I have got to stop judging people by saying things to myself like, I wouldn’t wear that, I wouldn’t eat that, drive that, say that, buy that, etc.

What I Learned About Loving Myself

The next time I find myself criticizing others, I will use it as a signal to look within.

Critiquing the woman in front of me kept me from looking at my own fashion choices. It just so happened that I was sloppily dressed with baggy pants and a loose jacket. Belted around my waist was my water bottle carrier. I looked anything but fashionable!

So apparently I had been pointing my finger at another to avoid looking at myself! It’s time for me to learn to love and accept myself however I dress. Because once I do that, I will be able to love and accept others no matter what they wear.

Love yourself unconditionally so you can love others unconditionally. Tweet: Love yourself unconditionally so you can love others unconditionally. #BAMOL @lizvioletnewell http://ctt.ec/2PjH6+

Where in your life do you find yourself judging others? What happens when you point the finger to yourself? What areas do you need to work on in order to love yourself unconditionally?

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