Loving Myself Enough to Stop the Sangria Madness

Loving Myself

I had a glass of sangria the other night. I was on vacation and it seemed like a good idea.

I’ve never had a drinking problem and in fact it’s always been quite the opposite. I am the ultimate “cheap date” in that I usually have no more than a dozen drinks a year. It’s just something I’ve never been that into. And for that I am grateful.

But the others were drinking some and, heck, I made the sangria. I wanted to feel part of the group,  so I drank a little. I liked the taste and it was relaxing. And I had only half a glass.

The next day I woke up draggy.  I wouldn’t say I was hung over, just not bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Not at my most energetic.

I had a glass the next night with the same results.

A lot of people deny the mind-body connection but I sure can’t. For most people “tired” and “cranky” go hand in hand. And I am like most people. If I am feeling groggy, low energy, like I am swimming upriver, I am not going to be in the happiest of moods. Little things will irritate me quicker- much quicker!

How I stopped the sangria madness by loving myself MORE

My big goals in life involve writing, creating, and being productive i.e. – using my gifts and talents to their greatest potential. I want to make the most of every day. It will be a lot harder for me to become a Messenger of Love and be a beacon of light if I my own bulb is dim.

I want to be my best self, and alcohol is not helping me get there.

I see the connection. That’s why health is the number one priority for me. If I am not feeling good, am in physical pain or just drained of energy, then how can I be at my best?

Although I want to enjoy some sangria with everyone, in the bigger picture it doesn’t make sense. The others may like my company then but perhaps not so much the next morning.

And who says I need to have a drink to feel part of the group? Am I drinking to gain their approval? If so, I am giving my power away. I want to be ok with myself without depending on (what I perceive as) others’ judgement.

In my ongoing process of loving myself, I will make decisions that allow me to be my best and happiest self– both in the moment and the following day.

This I know to be true:  Choosing happiness lifts up those around us. Tweet: Choosing happiness lifts up those around us. #BAMOL @lizvioletnewell http://ctt.ec/7CcO8+

Where in your life do your habits or actions not serve you? Is there something you do now that you pay for later? Do you think the root of the problem is not loving yourself enough, or is it something else? Does the opinion of others play a role in your actions? Respond in the comments and join the conversation in the B.A.M.O.L private Facebook group.

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