What I Learned About Love When My Ex Raged at Me

ex raged at me

We split up and I moved out and he was furious. Now we were stuck in line at the cable company and he started to vent his anger at me. I had never consciously used love to stop hate before, but was about to try.

I used to feel powerless when confronted with angry people. Having come from a family history of male-dominated verbal and physical abusers, my go-to reaction was to cry. I’d shrink down and feel helpless…and worthless.

However, I’d recently had a life-changing experience where a wave of love flowing from me stopped a stranger in mid-rant. That event proved to me that love can conquer all negativity—including rage. (Read the full story here.)

That hate-stopping moment came about without any effort on my part- I just went along for the ride. However, I was hooked. I yearned to harness that energy so I could once again use love to transform a bad situation.

Standing in line, I was aware that this would be my first conscious effort to tap into the power of love. And I was going to try to use it on my brand-new ex-boyfriend.

After five years together, I’d just broken up with him and moved out of our shared home. We both were shattered, confused, hurt and angry.

He needed to switch the account into his name and unfortunately that entailed a joint visit to the cable company. We stood in line for almost an hour while he simmered.

My ex was furious with me and finally seemed about to explode into rage. His fury was palpable and he started to berate me in line! Even though he kept his voice low, it felt like a trainload of anger bearing down on me.

While he vented his grievances, I looked at the floor and thought about love.

I imagined love as a small candle in my belly. I envisioned this flame going bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter. Soon my whole body was love and I pictured this love shining out of my every pore. I made eye contact with him and imagined love beaming out of my eyes.

He stopped the verbal assault in mid-sentence. And then turned away seeming rather embarrassed and even ashamed. He was quiet and respectful for the rest of our time together that day.

I never said a word and yet I stopped the hate.

If I can do it, you can, too. You are more powerful than you realize.  Try it and see. You’ll discover that love transcends anger, fear and hate.Tweet: Love transcends anger, fear and hate. #MessengerofLove @lizvioletnewell http://ctt.ec/nbxca+

Our purpose is to become Messengers of Love. Tweet: Our purpose is to become Messengers of Love. #lovestopshate @lizvioletnewell http://ctt.ec/a7uIr+

When have you used the power of love to turn a negative situation around? Please share in the comments below.

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