How You and I Can Heal the United States

heal the united states

There has been so much media attention on how the U.S. is a nation divided. I have news for you:  this separation isn’t real. It exists only in our heads.

The painful rupture that we are experiencing comes from labeling each other. Many of us see only our differences:  Democrat, Republican, Muslim, Christian, rich, poor, man, woman. Categorizing and stereotyping people stops us from seeing the individual and serves only to increase the separation in our minds.

Now that the election is over, it’s time to see each other for who we really are. Our souls are united and deep down we know this truth. We are one world, one human race. It’s time for us to come together.

This country feels at war with itself, but you and I can start the healing. One by one we can unify our families, our neighborhoods, our communities and our nation. The way to heal our divide is to stop labeling one another and to simply see beyond the outer surface to the inner being of love and light.

The healing begins with you and with me, with all of us. Tweet: Healing the US begins with you and me, with all of us. #healtheUS @lizvioletnewell

I invite you to vote for love today and go out in the world and be love.

You can help in the healing by lending a helping hand, offering a kind word or a gentle smile. Look at everyone you meet as an opportunity for healing and unity. Who can you lift up today? Can you open a door? Let someone in line ahead of you? Help someone carry her packages? Share your lunch with a stranger? Can you listen and offer comfort to someone who is troubled?

Reach out to those around you—especially those you don’t know, especially those whom you judge are different from you. Welcome them. Smile. Help them. Get to know them so you may see how we are all connected.

Greet everyone today with a smile. Greet everyone as though they are your brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter. Really see each person as a kindred spirit.

Because we are all One in our hearts and in our souls.

I vote for love. I vote for peace. I vote for unity. I vote for seeing every single person as a fellow human being with whom I share this planet.

We are far more alike than we are different. Tweet: We are far more alike than we are different. #healtheUS @lizvioletnewell

Love and kindness know no barriers. Tweet: Love and kindness know no barriers. #healtheUS @lizvioletnewell

What can you do today to become a Messenger of Love? Share your ideas and stories in your comments below.

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Liz Violet Newell has been inspiring, encouraging, advising, and supporting others through various business and volunteer positions since 1999. Her life story of continuous self-improvement serves as the foundation for her writing, and the motivation behind her desire to make a difference through love and kindness. Liz has overcome extreme shyness, childhood bullying, won a lifelong battle with overeating, and survived divorce. She is active in a vibrant and supportive community of empowered women, spiritual practitioners and avid writers.

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