Learn from the dog: Don’t wait until you are choking to be nice

be nice

The dog in a fenced backyard went nuts when he saw my husband and I walking our two dogs. He barked and jumped with increasing intensity as we neared. The loud and aggressive howls made the message clear: stay away.

He began leaping straight up from his back legs, jumping so high it looked like he could clear the top of the chain link fence. Then, as he came down from a jump, his collar became snagged on the fence. He was now captive, with only his hind legs touching the ground.

This dog’s attitude changed dramatically. He immediately became quiet and docile.

Ah, so now you’ve decided to be nice, I thought, as I watched him hanging helplessly.

While my husband climbed over the fence to free him, I realized I can be just like that dog.

When I am in a bad mood I am quick to snap. But when a crisis hits, I’m nice in order to receive help and support. And that’s just not fair to those around me. Instead of managing my own bad mood, I am just dumping it on my loved ones as a way to let off steam.

I’ll be left hanging if those around me are afraid to help because I’ve been bitchy.

In order to become a Messenger of Love, I need to learn how to handle my emotions, rather than push them off on others. This involves taking the time to go within and connect with my inner darkness. It’s my duty to clear up my own bad stuff so I am not toxic to those around me.

I will be happier –and more pleasant to be around– when I do my inner work. And the world needs more happy people.

My friends and family very important to me and I don’t wish to abuse their good will by snapping at them needlessly. I resolve to lose my gruff and become more aware of my tone towards loved ones on a day-to-day basis. I’ll make every effort not to spill my bad mood onto my relationships.

And I won’t wait until I need something to be nice. If I do, I run the risk of seeming insincere. By the way, as soon as my husband freed the dog, he went right back to his aggressive behavior towards us.

I promise I won’t be like that dog. I will change my ways.

Do you find yourself full of gruff and quick to bark at others? Do you snap at those you love? How can you give love to yourself today? We can inspire each other when we share stories in the comments below or in the private Facebook group.

If this post inspired you, please share. Through you, this message has the potential to inspire so many others. Together we can BAMOL and light up the world with love and kindness.

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Liz Violet Newell has been inspiring, encouraging, advising, and supporting others through various business and volunteer positions since 1999. Her life story of continuous self-improvement serves as the foundation for her writing, and the motivation behind her desire to make a difference through love and kindness. Liz has overcome extreme shyness, childhood bullying, won a lifelong battle with overeating, and survived divorce. She is active in a vibrant and supportive community of empowered women, spiritual practitioners and avid writers.

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