About Liz Violet Newell

About Liz Violet Newell

My Our Mission to Make a Difference Through Love and Kindness

This isn’t about Liz Violet Newell, this is about US. This site is for all of us who care about the world and want to make it a better place for everyone. Like me, you probably think there is far too much anger, fear and hate in the news, in the workplace, and even in our neighborhoods. I created this website so we could gather together and do something about that.

Love is stronger than anger, fear, hate, rage, and all negativity. Let’s spread the word and do simple -but powerful- things that turn the tide toward healing and connection.

I resisted creating this website for at least three years. But the voice inside my head kept whispering that the world needs my message. It says that I need to stand up and speak my truth so that others may stand up, too.

Becoming a Messenger of Love is my journey that I hope will become our journey. Let’s all be a force of good and bring positive change to the world. Join me to make a difference through love and kindness. about liz violet newell

I know that trying to be voice of positivity will challenge me and you on a daily basis. Like everyone, we are a work in progress. We will have successes, struggles and challenges.

Share your stories here. Our experiences can inspire others.

Please know that: You aren’t powerless to anger, fear and hate. You CAN make a difference through love and kindness.

Thank you for reading. Please chime in by commenting on posts. Then please share my site with people you know who may find it interesting, helpful or inspiring.